Biographies of Our Forefathers
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Biographies of Our Forefathers


Hugh Tinneny was born on Goladuff in the latter half of the 1700s.  He was one of at least three children of Thomas Tinneny. Hugh married and lived on Goladuff where he and his wife had several children including Bridget, Mary, Philip and John (Big John).  He and his family occupied what is referred to as the home place.  Although the house is probably the same, the farm was much smaller when Hugh had it. The Tithe Applotment Book for Drummully for 1837 listed the home place as having 9 acres instead of the 22 acres described in later years.


Hugh probably died in 1837 since the tax on his land was paid in his name that year and there was a penned-in notation that he was deceased.  He was probably buried with his father and subsequent generations of Tinnenys at the Tinneny family plot in Drummully Cemetery beneath the headstone that he and his brother had erected when his father was buried there in February 1807.


Hugh's descendants include all Tinnenys from Philadelphia and their Sickinger, McColgan, Hart, Klebes, McKenna and Yeakel descendants, Murphy, Nolan, Toland, McCavigan, Reilly, Castellano, Donaghue, Murray, Higgins, Smith, Murray, Buttery, Walton, Brazell, Stead, Englishby, Hudson, Turton, Grey, Reed, Sherwood, and Devlin, the Tinnenys in New York Co. Meath, Ireland and the Brember, Hall, Keegan, Cunnion families in England. The Tinnenys of  Bromborough, England, in London, and Alyson Carter and her daughters in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and many others.


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