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Hugh Tinneny was in all likelihood the son of Hugh Tinneny and the brother of Big John Tinneny.  He would have been born on Goladuff in the homeplace.  I have not been able to locate records that conclusively demonstrate the above relationship because births were not recorded when he was born.  There are however, strong indications that he was a brother of Big John Tinneny. 

Phil Tinneny of Goladuff, who was the grandson of Big John, told me that the three children of this Hugh (Mary, Frank and Hugh) were his cousins.  It was Phil's habit to only refer to those who were his very close relatives such as first and sometimes second cousins as cousins.  More distant cousins and relatives were referred to as friends.  One use of the word friend in and around Fermanagh is in the context of family relationships i.e. cousins and relatives other than immediate family.   

Another indicator supporting the idea that Hugh was a son of Big John's was the proximity of Hughdie's land and house to the homeplace on Goladuff. 

The name Hugh comes down to the present day in the line of Big John's descendants.  The son of Hubert Tinneny of Quivvy is Hugh.  Hubert's father's given name was also Hugh.  Generation after generation the Tinneny's, as was the Irish custom until recently, named their children after their parents and brother's and sisters.  That name pattern was clearly evident in Big John's descendants and supports the thesis that "Hugh of the Hollow" was Big John's brother.  Finally, there appears to be more than a casual likeness between at least one of Hugh of the Hollow's descendants, the Murrays of Derrykenny, and other present day descendants of Big John's. 

The name of High's wife is unknown the couple had at least three children Hugh, Francis and Mary.  They all lived in the small little stone house in the Hollow on Goladuff.  

By the time of the 1901 Census of Ireland Hugh was dead and his three children mentioned above were living in the family home in the hollow. 

These stones were all that remained of Hugh Tinneny’s home in the hollow in 1997.   Photo by R. J. Tinneny

Partial 1901 form, Census of Ireland, showing Hugh's three children living at their family home on Goladuff, Newtownbutler, Co, Fermanagh, Ireland. Provided by R. J. Tinneny.

Note: Hugh's descendants include: Murphy, Nolan, Toland, McCavigan, Reilly, Castellano, Donaghue, Murray, Higgins, Smith, Murray, Buttery, Walton, Brazell, Stead, Englishby, Hudson, Turton, Grey, Reed, Sherwood, and Devlin.


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