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Mary Tinneny

Mary Tinneny was the daughter of Hugh Tinneny.  She would have been born on Goladuff about 1846.  Phil Tinneny of Goladuff told me in 1994 that Mary and her brothers were his cousins.  He also said that Mary worked for the Skelton family on their nearby estate at Donagh as a domestic when she was a young woman.  According to Phil Tinneny, the grandson of Big John and cousin of Mary, the Skeltons were Protestants and Mr. Skelton was a "Big fine looking man."  When Mary was 21 years old, and working for the Skeltons, she had a daughter who she named Mary. 

By March of 1901, Mary was living in a little stone house in what was called "the hollow" or "Hughdie's land" at Goladuff."  The 1901 Census of Ireland had her listed as the head of the household.  Living in the house with her were her brothers Hugh and Francis Tinneny.  Mary was 55 years old when the census was taken and it was noted that she could read and that she was not married.  The house that she and her brothers were living in had been their parent’s home. 

Photo:  Partial 1901 form, Census of Ireland, showing Mary and her brothers living at their family home on Goladuff, Newtownbutler, Co, Fermanagh, Ireland.

Provided by R. J. Tinneny. 

During a visit to the home of Mary's grandson's widow, Mary Murray of Derrykenny, County Fermanagh in 1996, Mary and her children told me that there had been a very old white quilt around the house some time back that had been passed down to her husband by his grandmother Mary Tinneny.  They said, however, that the quilt had been missing from the house for some time. 

Mary died on March 23, 1914 at the Clones Infirmary in County Monaghan.  The cause of death was listed as “Rheumatism years” and “chronic heart failure”.  No family member was listed as being with Mary when she died. 

Note: Mary's descendants include:  Murphy, Nolan, Toland, McCavigan, Reilly, Castellano, Donaghue, Murray, Higgins, Smith, Murray, Buttery, Walton, Brazell, Stead, Englishby, Hudson, Turton, Grey, Reed, Sherwood, and Devlin.


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