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Francis Tinneny

Francis Tinneny was the son of Thomas Tinneny.  He was born about 1819.  The name of his mother is unknown as is his place of birth.  However, he would have been born on either Goladuff or in the nearby town of Belturbet, probably the former.


On November 13, 1848, Francis married Anne Elliott the daughter of John Elliott.  (Record found in the LDS IGI Index Source call No. 0101294) In that document Francis name is spelled Tinnany. She was 23 and he was 29 years old when they married as shown in the Civil Registry of Ireland.  Anne, according to her great grandaughter  Mary Tinneny O'Kane, was of the Protestant faith.  The couple had at least four sons Robert, Thomas, Francis and Patrick.  The latter two were twins according to their grandniece Mary O'Kane.  They also had a son William who had immigrated to New York. There are also church records showing that they had daughters Alice and Elizabeth.  According to Mary O'Kane they also had a daughter named Margaret.


Francis was a carpenter as were all three of his sons.  Both Mary O'Kane and Phil Tinneny of Goladuff independently stated that the Tinneny men of Belturbet were all carpenters.  Mary claimed that her grandfather Tommy always said that “the Tinnenys got their excellent carpentry skills from their boat building Viking ancestors who had come to Ireland many hundreds of years ago.”  Francis and Ann lived in the parish of Annagh in Belturbet.


Ann died in her home at barrack hill in Belturbet on October 27 1877.  The original death registry entry showed she was 51 years old and the wife of a carpenter.  It also showed that she had been ill for 4 days and that the cause of death was enteritu.  Robert Tinneny, probably her son, was with her when she died.


Francis died in Belturbet on December 29 1900.  The death registry showed that he was 84 years old, a widower and a carpenter by trade.  He had suffered from paralysis for four years preceding his death.  His daughter Margaret Tinneny Casey was present when he died.


Note: Francis' descendants include: All Tinnenys from Belturbet town (excluding Quivvy); Casey, Creig, Davis, Duniece, Pepper, McQuillan, Donaldson, Harvey, Towler, Williams, Stanley, Maloney, Tierney, Sansobrino, Bellary, Alford, Larkin, Boyle, Farquhar, McElroy, Darcy, Joyce, Curran, Burke, Thames, O'Kane, McArthur, Boyd, Barr, Norton, Masterson, McNeice, Neison and Barton in New Zealand.


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