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Francis Tinneny

Francis Tinneny was the third son of Francis Tinneny and Ann Elliot.  He was born in Belturbet in early April, 1861.  He was baptized there on April 7, 1861.  On August 11, 1892, when he was 32 years old Francis married Annie Dolan in the Catholic Church in Belturbet.  Anne was 26 years old and lived at Chapel Road in Belturbet.  The civil marriage register shows that Francis was a carpenter living at Barrack Hill in Belturbet and that his father was still alive.  It also showed that Anne's father Thomas was still alive.  The sponsors for their wedding were George Beatty and Maggie Dolan.  It was noted in the marriage record that he was from Barrack Hill and Ann was from Chapel Road, both of which were in Belturbet. 

The Census of Ireland for 1901 shows the family living in Belturbet.  Francis was listed as the head of the household.  It is noted that he could read and write and his occupation was listed as carpenter.  His religion and that of his wife and children is listed as Catholic.  The report, which reflected the status of each person as of March 31, 1901, listed Francis age as 41 and Annie's age as 35.  At the time Francis and Annie had four children.  They were Mary Anne, 8 years old; Francis, 6 years old; Richard, 4 years old and Thomas who was 1 year old.  The couple actually had eight children some of whom died at an early age. 

About 1912, Francis died of a stomach ulcer.  He was buried in the yard of Saint Patrick's Church in the Drumalee section of Belturbet.  Annie died on August 12th, 1920 in the family home at Barrack Hill in Belturbet.  She was 51 years old and the cause of death was listed as "melincolia" but her granddaughter Betty said that she heard that the cause of death was heart problems.  Her daughter Molly was listed as present when she died.  She was buried in the Tinneny plot in the cemetery at Drumalee along with her husband Francis.

Note:  Francis' descendants includes: All the Tinnenys from Roslea and New Zealand, and McElroy, Darcy, Joyce, Curran, and Barton.


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