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Photo courtesy of Liz & Dennis O'Shea

This photograph was taken of Liz Tinneny O'Shea and her husband Dennis in their sailboat as it passed the World Trade Center towers shortly after they were built. Liz is the daughter of the late Philip Tinneny of Carrigallen, Co. Leitrem, Ireland and New York.

This section of the website was added on September 11, 2002, for the purpose of providing Tinneny descendants and their spouses who visit our family history site an opportunity to document where they were, how they learned of the event, their feelings and or anything else associated with the historically significant events of 9/11/01.  Feel free to be as brief or as detailed as you wish.  To add your comments please click here. God Bless the heroes, the victims and their families and God Bless America. 

I am the wife of Hubert Tinneny and we live in Quivvy, Belturbet, Co. Cavan, Ireland. On 9/11 I was in the town of Cavan with Rich and Lee Tinneny who were doing some shopping during their visit with us from America.  Once they had completed their shopping, we had intended to go and visit another cousin, Mary McGarvey, in Red Hills.  I went one way to do some shopping while they separated looking for gifts to bring back home.  I joined up with Rich on the corner of Ashe Street and that is when he told me about the planes crashing into the Twin Towers.  It took me a few minutes to take in what he had said. We then met up with Lee.  I felt that the world would never be the same again and I was downhearted.  

We headed home to Quivvy - no longer in the mood to visit family.  When we arrived home the phone was ringing from America for Rich and Lee with a request that they come home as family felt they needed them on this terrible occasion.  Then my niece Susan Lavery called from Co. Monaghan and my daughter Fidelma called from England both realizing the sad effect this had on us all and on America.

We watched the telly, nobody in a hurry to eat.  Ireland came to a standstill on that Friday (the 14th) to pray for all who died and to give courage to the living to do their best to overcome violence. This year (2002) we are all asked to spend one minute in prayer in memory of the dead.who died on 9/11.  God Bless Family and Friends and God Bless America.

Susanna Tinneny
Co. Cavan, Ireland   

Sept 11, 2001. I walked into school at Incarnation of Our Lord in Olney.  I am a teacher there.  The slogan of our school, due to the variety of cultural backgrounds is "Where The World Meets."  It was 8:45 a.m..  The television was on in the office.  I thought a weird television show or commercial was on the screen!  I saw the word "LIVE"...but remember thinking...No, no way.  I called my husband Rich on my cell phone, thinking he would confirm my disbelief...this could not be real.  Rich works at Police headquarters in Philadelphia.  It was all real... 
      While on the phone the second jet flew into Tower Two.  Oh my God!  It hit my heart and mind that what I was seeing was real!  I felt as if I was going to throw up.  Richie said that he did not know exactly what was happening but that something had blown up at the Pentagon as well.  We ended the call...confused, sad, sick!
       By 10:30 parents began calling and arriving at school, to be with, and, to take their children home.  I wanted to be with my four daughters and Richie.  I had never felt fear like this.  Our eldest daughter Ashley was in center city Philadelphia.  I had begun hearing that the city had shut down and began to fear that I would not be able to get to her or get her home safely.  I called Richie again.  Police headquarters was on lock down, he is essential personal and would not be permitted to leave.  Rich did not know when he would be home.  I remember crying as I tried to call Ashley.  Cell phone transmissions shut down due to the overwhelming number of calls.  I could not get her!
       I left school and headed for my daughter Devon's school which is normally eight minutes from my school.  En-route I did get a partial call from our friend Michael Fitzpatrick...he would pick up our two youngest daughters Annie and Mollie and bring them to our home.  The phone went dead......It took me a half an hour to get to Devon's school.  I remember crying as I drove.  I remember looking into the faces of people in traffic that seememd everyone was crying:  men, women and children.  When I got to Devon I remember hugging her.  I remember not wanting to let go.
       When I got home all four of our daughters were there.  We are the blessed ones and we know it clearly.  We will never forget.  Our hearts as a family go out to those who have lost life itself.  It is all such a gift....

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Donna Marie (Tinneny) Persico, Philadelphia.   9/12/2001


I will begin the story of Sept. 11 with what I was doing Sept. 10.

It was the Monday after Labor Day, and we were enjoying a most beautiful summer. On only a few days did we break 95 degrees. Otherwise, the season was magnificent and memorable. However, Monday was humid and the evening brought rain, hard rain. The sounds of summer innocence remained crickets chirping and our neighbors' children playing amidst the showers.

It was the first full weekend of preparing my football forecasts, and I was working hard while listening to the Giants-Broncos Monday Night game through the AM static (I made a vow not to listen to the annoying Dennis Miller that 2001 NFL season). The broadcast from Denver included former Giant Dick Lynch on the color commentary. Ironically, his son Richard was one of those murdered in the World Trade Center North Tower.

I finished my preparation for the coming morning, and watched the end of the football game, going immediately to bed afterwards. Those were the first hours of a day we would never forget.

Tuesday morning, Sept. 11 was perfect. The sky was a cloudless crystal blue, and the air was crisp. Autumn was in the air, and evidence of the previous day's rain was gone. I'm an early riser every Tuesday during football season, as I update Paul T. Graham Football League stats and write copy for my game forecasts before my "real" workday begins. Thus, I was awake with the sun shortly before 6 a.m. Lack of sleep was overcome by the sheer beauty of the day.

While the world was changing in the skies above, I was writing about games that never would be played and a reality that never would be ours. At 8:34, 12 minutes before the first plane struck the WTC, my work was complete. I began the day with a feeling of relief, satisfaction, and anticipation. We were rolling out a series of new variable portfolios, and our first organizational meeting was at 1 p.m. It's fun to learn something new.

I was preparing some information and attending to my emails when I heard a couple of the late arrivals speaking of a plane hitting a tower. This was about 9 a.m. I didn't know which tower or what type of plane, because I was half-listening. Then a few moments later I heard about a second plane hitting a tower probably about 5 minutes later. I was still busy with my work, but a few minutes late.


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