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Jessica Tinneny's Baby Shower

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Tinneny

May 15, 2005, Jessica Tinnenyís mother Cookie and her sister Randi gave a baby shower for Jessica, the wife of James Tinneny IV, at Eastern University, St. David's, Pennsylvania. Jim is the great-great grandson of Yankee Pat Tinneny of Goladuff, Ireland and Philadelphia.  The baby is due July 22, 2005. 

Photo: Jessica front row, 4th from the left in pink flowered dress. Over her right shoulder is her mother-in-law Mary Tinneny. To Jessís immediate right with the cane is her Aunt Helen Tinneny and on Jessís left side is her mother Cookie Cecchine.  Other Tinneny descendents in the photo are Denise Aquilante and Colleen Brophy the daughter of Maryann Tinneny.

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