Jess & Jim's Anniversary


James & Jessica Tinneny

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Tinneny

Jess and Jim Tinneny celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary with peanuts and cracker jacks and a very long seventh inning stretch at a major league baseball game that seemed like it would never end. The above photograph, taken at Citizen's Bank Park, Philadelphia only shows half of the story...the 9/2/04 part of it...the actual game continued well into 9/3/ the intense match of skill and wits between the Baltimore Orioles and the Philadelphia Phillies proceeded to gobble up sixteen innings of pure, unadulterated baseball. The promised post-game fireworks happened close to two in the morning, and by the time they got home, it was time for breakfast! A real treat was that after the fifth inning, Jim had arranged for "Jess and Jim Tinneny, 10 years" to be emblazoned on the score board above third base. 

By way of an update - Jim started taking graduate school classes in June in the Business Department at a local Catholic college in order to get a Master's Degree. His parents, Jim and Mary Tinneny, are very proud of their son and how he is able to work full time and attend graduate school. Jessica is waiting to hear if she got the job at a local university in an administrative office which will utilize her skills as a researcher and her great interpersonal skills. 

Jim and Jessica are putting together a web tribute to an amazing veteran of the U.S. Marines who did his best to bring freedom to oppressed parts of the world. His name is George H. Welsh, and he is a "blow in" (that Irish for "he's an in-law") to a "blow in" to the Tinneny family, as he was married to Mary Tinneny's sister, our Aunt Barbara. So far we have learned that Uncle George was born in 1932 in New Kensington, PA. He attended Notre Dame and graduated in 1954 before entering Law School at University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, where he met Aunt Barbara. Anyway, he served two tours in Vietnam, eventually becoming an officer. He died in 1976 and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Aunt Barbara has helped us a lot with the research, and we hope to learn more about this amazing man. Anyway, if you have any suggestions for how we can learn more about George's career in the military, please let us know.


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