Persico sisters graduate

On June 11th Devon Persico graduated from Mercy Vocational High School.  In September Devon will attend Johnson & Wales in Rhode Island majoring in culinary arts.


Mollie Persico graduated from Shawmont elementary school on June 14th.  In September Mollie will attend Mercy Vocational High School, majoring in cosmotology or business.

Devon and her grandmother Theresa Persico.



Sisters Annie and Mollie Persico on graduation day.



On June 25th The Persico family celebrated the graduations of daughters Devon and Mollie at their Philadelphia home.

Among the 150 (or so) guests were Nana Helen Tinneny and Aunt Michele Tinneny Johnston.

Four generations of Tinneny's attended Including 1st cousins Shannon (left front) and Jennifer Tinneny Johnston (right front), 2nd cousins Grace Tinneny (middle left) and Claire Tinneny (middle right).  Anna Sophie Tinneny (top left), Julia Tinneny top center) and Morgan Tinneny (top right). 

Graduate Devon Persico with cousin Pete Johnston.  We celebrated from Saturday 4 p.m. until Sunday 4 a.m..


Graduate Mollie Persico and friend Sean Kelly.


Happy parents Donna and Rich Persico.  No more elementary school graduations!  Two more high school graduations and four more college graduations.

Graduate Mollie Persico.

Sisters Ashley and Annie Persico celebrate with Devon and Mollie.

Photos courtesy of Donna Tinneny Persico


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