Fidelma Tinneny

If you haven't been to Quivvy, - you must visit!  It's 4 miles outside of Belturbet, and the best place in the whole wide world!!  (Mind you, I never thought I'd say that when I was sixteen!)   It's beautiful scenery is breathtaking from the minute you see Quivvy bridge as you come over the hill, - serene and tranquil.  


I lived there with my parents, three sisters and younger brother until I was 17.  I live in England now, but return to Quivvy approximately six times a year.  It still is and always will be home.  Never a day goes by that I don't miss it's peace.  


Fidelma Tinneny Tanner. 

Photo courtesy of Richard Tinneny.


Comparing the restricted lives of children in England to my own youth, - we had a lot to be thankful for.  My parents great fear was of us going alone to the river or lake, but we could wonder freely and safely.  We lived in fear of the dreaded " water horse" at the bridge.  We were banned at playing at this area because it was/is so dangerous.  Until I was about 16, I really believed the water horse would get us if we went there; Many a day I said the Rosary from Mrs. Bell's black gate until I got to our land, afraid of the water horse and what would be said when I got home for being late!


The school bus - mini bus - picked us up each morning at Mrs. Bell's at 8:05.  We used Mrs. Bell's stick shed as a shelter.  Mrs. Wilson drove us daily, and sometimes her husband Johnny.  I always thought Mrs. Wilson was very cross, but she wasn't really.  She looked after us well, ensuring we wore our caps, had our coats buttoned up, and crossed the road safely. </