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Daniel P. Klebes, Sr.
United States Navy
Photo Courtesy of Daniel Klebes III 

"Danny" was born Daniel Tinneny and following his father Patrick Tinneny's death he was adopted by his mother Anna's second husband Leo Klebes.  Danny was the grandson of Yankee Pat Tinneny of Goladuff.  He was raised in Philadelphia and entered the US Navy during World War II.  He saw much combat and while serving on a ship that was delivering the Army's 4th Armored Division onto the beaches of Normandy, France  on D-day, a Japanese kamikaze pilot struck the ship with a plane loaded with explosives.  As the ship was sinking, Danny, who was himself  wounded, heroically freed a fellow seaman who was pinned down below decks, and who otherwise probably would not have made it out, saving his life.   He is believed to have earned the Navy Cross, the Navy's second highest medal for his actions that day.


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