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Thomas P. Tinneny

United States Navy

Photo courtesy of Helen Tinneny

Tom enlisted in the United States Navy in 1942 and was assigned for basic training at the Navy Yard in his home town of Philadelphia. Following basic he was assigned to Headquarters, 15th Naval District at Fort Amadore, Balboa in the Panama Canal Zone.  There he served under Admiral Van Hook and Captain Kim.  His duties involved assigning naval crews to ships that were arriving and departing the Canal Zone for and from the Pacific theater of war. Reflecting on his 3 1/2 year in the navy during the war, Tom said how lucky he was compared with other sailors. He cited his brother Bruce’s service as an example. Bruce saw much combat on Navy ships in the North Atlantic during the war.

Thomas Tinneny was the grandson of Yankee Pat Tinneny of Goladuff, Ireland and the son of James J. Tinneny of Greenock, Scotland and Philadelphia and his wife Gertrude A. Spence. 


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