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Robert John Tierney 

United States Army

Photo courtesy of Josephine Tinneny.

Robert Tierney was born in New York City and like his brothers Francis and Thomas he enlisted in the United States Army for service in World War II.  He participated in the Normandy invasion landing on the beach at Normandy, France on D-day plus 7,  June 14, 1944.His brother Frank had landed on June 10th.  Robert was wounded in combat and was presented the Purple Heart medal.  By January 1946 Robert had earned enough points to be discharged from the service and he returned home to New York.  He was less than 21 years old and had served for 30 months in the war.

Robert was the son of Francis and Catherine Reilly Tinneny of Belturbet, County Cavan, Ireland and New York, the grandson of Thomas and Bridget Gilmartin Tinneny of Belturbet and the great-grandson of Francis and Anne Elliott Tinneny of Belturbet, County Cavan, Ireland. 

Note: The surnames of Robertís parents, Francis and Catherine Reilly Tinneny, were changed from Tinneny to Tierney sometime after arriving in America. The surnames and those of their children and their descendants were subsequently Tierney.


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