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The Webmaster's Trip to Ireland

Even webmasters have a life and sometimes we even take time out and do other things apart from sitting over a computer, so decided it would be a nice idea to share my recent trip to Ireland with you all and dispell any illusions or rumours that might be circulating that Rich had enlisted the help of a band of  'little people' during his last trip to the old country, who were now busily working away behind the scenes on his behalf - it's not true - there's only one!

A couple of photos taken at the The Wattlebridge School Reunion held on Saturday June 21, 2003. Myself, my son Mike and my sister Maureen had been invited to attend by my cousin Hubert Tinneny and his lovely wife Susanna.  It was a wonderful evening and I was delighted to meet many of the people whom I recognised from earlier Tinneny Reunion photographs.

Wattlebridge School was in existance from 1895 until it's closure in 1972

Hubert & Susanna Tinneny

Michael & Masie Brady

Hubert is a former pupil of Wattlebridge School and attended in 1947

Masie, also a former pupil of Wattlebridge School  in 1947 

Galoon Cemetary

I had always wanted to visit Galoon Cemetary but hadn't managed it on my first trip back last year. A lot of my ancestors on my mother's side are buried there, so during  this trip I was determined to make it it happen. I'm not normally sentimental about burial grounds, but found Galoon to be something special - a beautiful and serene place. Below are a few photos taken during the visit. 

Galoon Cemetery

View from the top of Galoon Cemetery

Some of my Donegan ancestors Headstones

A visit to Quivvy & Goladuff Island

There is never enough time to fit everything and everyone in when visiting Ireland, but I couldn't wait to visit Quivvy, the home of Hubert and Susanna Tinneny, and to see Goladuff Island again.   It was the most georgeous and perfect day, sunny and warm and not a cloud in the sky.  We had a wonderful day, Neilie & Josie Green arrived a little later in the day and the hours were filled with laughter, easy talk, songs and music, accompanied by that comfortable feeling you get when you are truly among friends and family, it was the small hours of the following morning before we finally and reluctantly left for our beds. 

My son Mike and sister Maureen enjoying Hubert & Susanna's hospitality.

Neilie - Josie's husband, not sure what he was thinking here but recon he'd seen it all before.

Susanna and Hubert's sister Josie, looking through some family photos.

Suppose mine should be here - but I was busy with the camera elsewhere.

Apologies to Hubert - his pic should be here but can't remember taking one, think I was suffering from too much of the Tinneny hospitality, guess I'll just have to come back for another visit.

Goladuff Island through the trees

Visiting the Ancestral Home

All during my early years growing up in Newtownbutler I was told about my Donegan Ancestors. My mother used to relate wonderful tales of them as jewellers in Dublin, making clocks and watches, and donating silver chalices to the Catholic Church. How they would come to Corlatt in Newtownbutler for summer holidays, and how my grandmother Kate Donegan spent a lot of time there.  Also tales of Kate meeting my grandfather William Reilly who worked for her father as a servant in Corlatt. They fell in love but her family didn't approve of him as he was termed 'unsuitable' for a young woman of her station.  As they say the rest is history, but it fired my imagination at the time and it has stayed with me all through my life. However I never thought that one day the opportunity would arise to actually visit the house where she had met William.   It is a beautiful house to this day, originally built in the mid 1800's and although it has had some improvments made to it over the years, there is still a certain feeling about the place which feeds the imagination.

Corlatt House