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A Visit To Emyvale

Fourteen Tinneny desendents from 3 different countries visited the home of Michael and Maisie Tinneny Brady in Emyvale, county Monaghan, Ireland on August 11, 2004.  Hubert and Susanna and their daughters Emma and Kitty and grandson Shane came from County Cavan while Alyson Carter, daughter of Robert Tinneny, and her daughter Charlotte came from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Rich & Lee Tinneny travelled from South Carolina in the United States and Marie Curran, Michael and Maisie's daughter and her children Sean, Christopher, and Lisa visited from their home in Emyvale.


Photo Courtesy of Peadar McMahon.

Row 1:

Michael & Maisie Tinneny Brady, Charlotte Carter, Shane Tinneny, Alyson Carter, Rich and Lee Tinneny.

Row 2:

Emma, Susanna, Hubert and Kitty Tinneny,  Daniella, Sean, Marie, Christopher and Lisa Curran.

Alyson learned about the Emyvale - Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia connection from Peadar McMahon a local educator and journalist.



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