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John Sherwood Visits Derryginnedy

John and his great uncle Micky

In early July, 1922, John Sherwood of Manchester, England took spur-of-the-moment trip to Ireland. While motoring around the countryside he decided to look up his great-uncle Michael “Micky” Murray. Micky is his grandmother’s brother, and was living on the old Reilly homestead in Derryginnedy in the town of Newtownbutler. It was there that John’s grandmother Lucy Murray Sherwood and many generations of her Reilly ancestors lived. 

Never having been there, John had no idea how to find the place. On arriving in Newtownbutler he stopped at a pub, introduced himself, explained his connection to the area and the Reilly and Murray families. The locals made him feel very welcome. After a pint, some chat and armed with directions he went on his way to the Reilly home place.     

On his arrival at Derryginnedy, John was greeted by his 81 year old Uncle Micky who he had never met. Micky, who lives there alone, showed him around his small holdings.


Micky Murray



Micky is mostly self sufficient. He grows his own vegetable, keeps a couple of goats, a donkey and poultry. The lifestyle not only keeps him busy but also keeps him fit. John said it was great to meet Micky and hopes to see him again on his next visit to Ireland.



John is the son of Paul and Deborah Hunter Sherwood of Manchester; grandson of George and Lucy Murray Sherwood of Hartlepool, England; great-grandson of Patrick and Mary Reilly Murray of Hartlepool; great-great-grandson of Patrick Murray and Mary Tinneny of Derrykenny, Newtownbutler; and great-great-great grandson of Mary Tinneny of Goladuff, Newtownbutler, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. 

Photos courtesy of John Sherwood.



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