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On August 13 and 14, 2004, four first cousins, two of their children and an uncle all from the branch of the family from Carrigallen, County Leitrim came together for the first time in Ireland. On the August 13, they went to the Tinneny Family home place on Goladuff and on the the next day they went to the home place of the Leitrim branch of the Tinnenys in the town land of Killahurk, Carrigallen.  Rich Tinneny organized the visits with the help of Susanna Tinneny.  The entire group also joined up with about 55 others at the Tinneny reunion in Belturbet the evening of August 13. The Tinnenys in Leitrim went there about 1830 from Goladuff. 

It was truly an international event and a going back to their roots for the cousins and uncle some of whom had not met prior to the visit while others hadn’t seen each other in 30 years. 

Alyson Carter,  daughter of Robert Tinneny, and her daughter Charlotte came from Nova Scotia, Canada. It was the first time she met her first cousins and her father’s only surviving brother Terry Tinneny and his daughter Rosalyn both of whom came from London.  Rosalyn hadn’t seen cousin Sheila Keegan, accompanied by her daughter Carolyn and friend Chris Pouncey, in over 30 years. They came from London also. Rosalyn and Terry had some ongoing prior contact with cousin Thomas Tinneny from County Meath, Ireland prior to this visit but not with the others. Rich & Lee Tinneny came from the United States and Susanna lives Ireland.



Before the boat ride to Goladuff. Rich, Carolyn and Rosalyn.


Getting to know each other before the trip to Goladuff. Hubert and Terry.

Chris and Carolyn rowed to Goladuff from Quivvy shore. Chris Terry, Rosalyn and Carolyn.

Carolyn was the more experienced rower.  Terry, Rosalyn and Carolyn

We explored the home place then sat around and talked. Rosalyn, Carolyn and Sheila.

Alyson found a little “souvenir” tree.  Charlotte, Alyson and Rosalyn .

High on a hill on Goladuff.  Chris, Sheila, Rosalyn and Terry.

Near the remains of Alice’s house on the hill.  Hubert and Sheila.

Goladuff overlooking the lough and  Galoon Bridge.   Alyson taking a break.


Hubert and Susanna had a feast for us all when we returned to Quivvy.  Hubert, Alyson, Emma Tinneny and Charlotte.


Four 1st Cousins, an Uncle and 2 grandnieces: 

Front Row:    Thomas, Carolyn, and Charlotte.

Back Row:     Rosalyn, Alyson, Sheila & Terry. Taken in Francie Smith’s yard, Killahurk.

Eleven of us descended on Francie Smith’s home to visit the old Tinneny Home place next to it in Killahurk. Francie grew up near the Tinnenys and knew the family well.

Front to Back - Shelia, Chris.Mrs. Smith, Terry Tinneny, Rosalyn, Lee Tinneny, Rich Tinneny, Charlotte Carter, Alyson Carter, Susanna Tinneny, Thomas Tinneny, Mr. Francie Smith, Carolyn Ryan.

Francie Smith played the accordion for us visitors.

We all enjoyed the visit, music and stories. Carolyn, Terry, Mrs. Smith and Chris with the camera.

The field at the Tinneny home place in Killahurk.

Charlotte and Alyson in front of where the Tinneny family home was at Killahurk from the mid 1800s.

St. Mary's Killahurk

After visiting the Tinneny home place at Killahurk, some of the group took the short drive into the town and visited St. Mary’s Catholic Church, the Church of the Tinnenys of Killahurk since the mid 1800s.  Alyson and Charlotte had never been to the church in the yard of which is buried their ancestors.

Alyson at the headstone of her grandparents Robert Tinneny and Elizabeth Murphy at Saint Mary’s.

Terry and Susanna walked the cemetery.  Terry saw the headstones of many friends and neighbors from years gone bye.

The cousins sat around the grave and talked of times past.   Susanna, Lee, Charlotte, Alyson, Rosalyn and Thomas.

Terry joins in. Terry, Rosalyn, Alyson,  Lee, Charlotte and Thomas.



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