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William Tinneny

1932 - 2010

Photo: Courtesy of Molly Tinneny Curran

William Tinneny, was the fifth child of Francis Tinneny of Belturbet, Co. Cavan, Ireland and his wife Margaret Coleman.  He was the grandson of Francis Tinneny and Annie Dolan of Belturbet.  Willie was born August 31, 1932 and baptized at Saint Tierney's Church in Roslea, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.  His godparents were Luke Keenan and Catherine Connolly. He was raised in Roslea and attended St Tierney's School there.   As a teenager Willie enjoyed fishing and going to the cinema. 

It was difficult to find a job locally in those days, Willie decided to go to England in 1955 at the age of 23.  He settled in Crewe Co Cheshire, England where he worked as a porter in the local railway station.  He remained in this job until 1993 when he retired after 38 years of service.  For many years he lived at 27 Greystone Park, Crewe, Cheshire, England.

A single man with no children, Willie enjoyed travelling.  He visited Canada to see his sister Madge.  He also went on several bus tours throughout Ireland, to include Donegal, Kerry and Kilarney.  He  enjoyed the odd bet on the horses and indeed was very lucky. 

Photo: Willie with his sister Madge during a visit with her and her family in Canada. Courtesy of Molly Tinneny Curran.

Willie was known for being good to his mother and indeed to the entire family.  He regularly sent his mother money from England to ensure she was comfortable in her old age. He made two visits home to Roslea per year to see her until her death in 1979.  From then on until his health deteriorated he came back to Roslea every year to see his sisters Molly and Betty.  His sister Molly recalls how kind and generous Willie was. Every year, until each of her three daughters reached 16, Willie sent them a check for their birthday and Christmas, this was an indication of Willie's generosity and good nature.  

When he was admitted to the hospital on March 17, 2010, his sister Molly travelled to England to visit him.  Willie was diagnosed with dementia and transferred to a nursing home since doctors said he wouldn't be fit to make the journey home.  Then in early July he suddenly suffered kidney failure and died on July 20, 2010. His sister Molly returned to England for the second time to see him before he passed away.


Memorial cards courtesy of Molly Tinneny


It was Willie’s wishes to be taken home and buried with his mother and Molly arranged his funeral in both England and Ireland and Willie was buried in the family plot at St Tierney's Church, Roslea. He was fondly remembered by his family.


Photo: Tinneny grave at Saint Tierney’s Church yard, Roslea. About 1995.

Courtesy of  Rich Tinneny.


Information for this obituary was supplied by Willie’s sister Molly Tinneny Curran.


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